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My name is Nanette and I'm a dog-o-holic...

Besides being an epic Kate Bush song (watch the video below), Hounds of Love was started by me in 2018, firstly walking and the odd boarder while I worked as a teacher's assistant. Now Hounds of Love is my full time enterprise and as you can see from the photograph, I love it!

I recently became a qualified dog groomer too and have a 'dog salon' set up in my garage at home so now I can offer a full package.

When your dog come to stay with me, goes on a walk in the countryside, or comes for a haircut or just a nice wash and a pamper, I can assure you that your dog will receive the same affection, care and treatment as my own dog would.


If you see my little dog van driving around the Barnsley area, give me a wave!

Our Team
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